Mighty God 2

Matthew 1:20-23

I have gotten to the age where I do not like to travel places on my own. It isn’t that I can’t, it is just that I prefer to have someone with me to talk to and consult whenever I have questions or uncertainties. There is a definite comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the things that you do.

Christmas is the celebration of God’s gift of Jesus, a gift that will end our loneliness forever. Moving forward in the Christmas story, today’s passage is Joseph’s encounter with an angel. What information does the angel give? What instruction is given? Why is this happening?

It is easy, in my opinion, to imagine God as an all-powerful being thundering through the heavens and casting down lightning bolts on the wicked. The title “Mighty God” fits that image, and such an image can bring some comfort. It is reassuring to know that the Lord of the universe is a great and powerful being.

But in the Christmas story we have a different perspective on our mighty God. The all-knowing, all-powerful King of kings has come to earth in flesh, arriving not as a warrior king but as a helpless child born to a virgin. And this also should bring comfort. The Lord is able to do the impossible by having Mary conceive a child. He has also fulfilled the ancient prophecies, those predictions and expectations from so many years before.

But the key words here are those in verse 23. Jesus will also be known as “Immanuel.” And that name means “God with us.” We are not alone. God is among us now and forever. He has sent His only Son to live with us and be the Mighty God who is also a companion and counsel to each of us.

This is part of God’s mighty ability – to make Himself vulnerable so that we might be given that comfort and companionship that we so desperately need. God is able in His might to bring Himself to us so that we might be blessed and comforted. Through God Himself we are shown the path to that right relationship with God.

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays this year, let us keep in mind that God is indeed with us at all times. The gift of Jesus Christ is an everlasting gift of love.

DAILY CHALLENGE: Where do you find God’s might in Christmas?

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