Committed 1

2 Peter 1:12-18

Did man really go to the moon?  There are many people who believe it is a big hoax.  That everyone involved in the space program, the media and the government were somehow convinced first to lie and then to maintain that lie for the rest of their lives.  But WHY? Watch the Mythbusters video clip above to see at least one bit of evidence busted.  

Today's reading is about the truth.   Peter is already referencing the rumors that everything about Jesus was made up.  But why?  What purpose does it serve to make up a story that puts you in the line of fire of the Romans and the Jews?  Who does it benefit to watch your friends and fellow believers martyred and tortured? 

And that is precisely what Peter is experiencing.  The other disciples (and very soon Peter himself) are dying just for sticking to their story. 

In today's world many people still claim that Jesus' ministry, death and resurrection was just an elaborate hoax.  That there is no basis in fact for anything that happened.  That the witnesses were either suffering from mass hysteria or that they were all in on the lie. 

But Peter reminds us that it wasn't something that they heard about or made up.  They were eyewitnesses to the whole thing.  They saw the majesty themselves.  They heard God's voice when Jesus ascended into heaven.  They saw him, touched him, ate with him, walked with him and it was real.

One thing that fascinates me about conspiracy theories is that EVERYONE has to keep the secret.  Not one person can ever back down or get scared.  And in all the years since the moon landings, no one has ever come forward and admitted the hoax.  As a matter of fact, when astronauts are asked about it, they get pretty hot under the collar.

DAILY CHALLENGE:  Do you believe the story of Jesus?  Enough that you would stand by your story even in the face of sceptics?  Even in the face of danger?