Committed 4

An object at rest tends to stay at rest.  Someone in our church commented about people who simply stop attending church or avoid getting involved in church activities, that it may not be a conscious choice to step away, but rather is the tendency to do less and less because it is easier.

As graduates face a new phase of their lives, we all are faced with choices.  We can continue as we have been.  We can re-energize ourselves and try out new approaches and deeper faith.  Or we can fall into a sort of apathy and do less and less.

As each of us crosses the threshold of a new day we are faced with choices in our lives.  Some may choose to do those things that are of no benefit to themselves or others.  And they may claim that they have fallen to temptation.  They were drawn away from what is good and helpful.

But Paul makes an observation about temptation in his letter to the Corinthian church.  What does he say about temptation?  What does he say about God?

We all face temptations of one kind or another.  This is nothing new.  Everyone is tempted, and I believe the root of temptation and sin is selfishness.  That is what is common to man.  We all have a tendency to want to do whatever satisfies and pleases us.

But there is always a way out of any temptation.  God will not allow the temptation to be so strong that you cannot resist it.  How is this possible?  God is with you in all things and God is more powerful than all things.  Therefore, if God is with you and you rely on God you will have the strength to resist anything.

Although you may be starting a new stage in your life it is important for you to bring part of your old life with you.  As you encounter new ideas, as you explore your place in life and in the world bring with you the teachings you have received in the past.

As you face each new temptation, every lure that might draw you away from the faith and into a life of doing the wrong things, harmful things, bring with you the knowledge and conviction that you are loved by God and He is with you in all things.  Take with you the commitment of being in a relationship with the Lord.  He is with you to help you escape the temptations and lures of incorrect living.

DAILY CHALLENGE:  What temptations are you facing now?  How can you overcome the temptations that you are facing?