Committed 2

It can be both an exciting time and a frightening time when graduation rolls around.  It is exciting to know that a chapter of our life is ended and we are ready to embark on yet another new chapter.  But with that can come the uncertainty of what the future holds.  What will we do?  How will we do it?  Do we have what it takes?

The same is true of our faith life.  We can rest comfortably in the familiar beliefs we have always held.  We may even see our Christian faith as something safe and simple.  But that is not where we need to stay.  We need to move forward in faith, grow in our relationship with God and dare to do holy things.

The author of Hebrews offers some words of encouragement.  What confidence should we have?  Who guides us?

The message on Mother’s Day was about the roots of our faith and mention was made of all the people who have guided us in our beliefs.  So many people, our parents and other spiritual leaders from our youth, have helped to mold us into the faithful people we are now.  We are influenced by the faithful who surround us in our lives today.

Hebrews tells us to remember our leaders, those great saints of the faith who have paved the way of our connection to God, who set an example of love and good works in their lives.  We should consider the results of their lives, the confidence in God they held.  And we should learn to imitate their ways, to live as loving Christians in the same way they lived.

But more than relying on the examples set by faithful ancestors, we have confidence in our Lord.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He is the greatest leader we can have, the best example on how to live and love.  We must root our faith in the Lord.

And so, as we face the uncertainty of the future whether we are a graduate or simply moving ahead in our life, we must place our confidence in the teachings of Christ.  We must look to the exemplary lives of our religious leaders.  And from all of these we can gain the confidence and knowledge, the ability, to move ahead in our faith.  We can grow into new Christians with a new faith, a stronger faith, a deeper commitment to God.  We have been shown how to be better Christians, more confident believers.  We must live out our heritage.

DAILY CHALLENGE:  What gives you the confidence to grow in your faith?