Committed 3

About mid-way through my college education I moved out of my parents’ home and shared an apartment with two other guys.  We were young and rebellious and seeking our way in life.  One comment that sticks with me is something my roommate often asked – “Will people say we lived together for two years and came out with our heads together?”

At the time we were convinced that all of our conversations and ever-changing convictions would result in enlightenment.  We would emerge from this uncertain time as people who had a very clear picture of the meaning of life.

But ultimately I discovered that we were wandering around in the darkness of ignorance and selfishness and human gratification.  I did not come out of the experience with my “head together,” but was more confused than ever.

As I grew older and more experienced I returned to the foundation of my faith.  I returned to the things I had been taught in church.  And it was through examination and prayer and study that I found a strong connection to God which is now unshakable.  I have my “head together” now because of my strong faith in God.

Today’s passage is part of one of the letters intended to offer guidance to the young believer, Timothy.  What caution is offered?  What positive assurance is given?

We do not need to be young and inexperienced to be pulled away from our faith.  The world offers temptations and lures to young and old.  There are a wide variety of ways to look at the world and life, different views on who God is and whether or not He even exists.  Others provide suggestions on what is suitable for eating based on religious beliefs.

But what Timothy is told, and what we should also see, is that there are many who will abandon the beliefs in Jesus and pursue strange and convoluted ways of finding God and inner peace.  We should not be one of those who follow ridiculous teachings or superstitious practices.

We need to see that God has created all things to be good.  And if we can remain firm in our connection to the Lord, through prayer and study we can establish an unshakable faith in the one true God.

DAILY CHALLENGE:  What gives you confidence in the teachings of Jesus?